How Reddit Can Guide You In Choosing The Best Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to purchasing a new mechanical keyboard, the plethora of options available may overwhelm even the most experienced typists and gamers. With such diversity in switches, keycaps, layouts, and brands, how can one ensure they’re making an informed decision? Enter Reddit, a beacon for those seeking candid reviews, community wisdom, and shared experiences. Let’s dive into how this social platform can be your ally in selecting the ideal mechanical keyboard.


The journey to find the perfect mechanical keyboard is akin to seeking a comrade-in-arms for your daily battles, be it typing out reports or charging through the latest RPG. A mechanical keyboard is not just a tool but an extension of your hands, and finding the right one is paramount for comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment. Reddit, the sprawling online community with forums on just about everything, can be your guide through this quest. With specific subreddits dedicated to mechanical keyboards, one can tap into a wellspring of knowledge and firsthand experiences.

The Role of Reddit in Purchasing Decisions

Reddit is more than just a place for memes and news; it’s a hub for detailed discussions. Within its subforums, known as subreddits, you can find niche communities crammed with enthusiasts ready to share their knowledge. For mechanical keyboards, the go-to subreddit is r/MechanicalKeyboards. Here, key topics include:

  • Daily Questions Thread: Beginners and veterans alike entertain queries. It’s the ideal starting point for newcomers to ask for advice.
  • Reviews and Comparisons: Redditors often post thorough reviews and comparisons of their mechanical keyboards, coming from personal use rather than promotional material.
  • Group Buys and Deals: Users post about group buys for custom keyboard parts and enjoy sharing deals they’ve found.
  • Showcase of Setups: Members share images and details of their setups, which can be a fantastic source of inspiration and information on real-life usage.

Browsing these discussions can give you insights into which keyboard may suit your needs and preferences, based on real-world usage and not just marketing claims.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

1. Switch Types

Switches are the heart of a mechanical keyboard. Whether you prefer the tactile bump of Cherry MX Browns, the clicky joy of MX Blues, or the smooth linear action of MX Reds, you’ll find discussions on r/MechanicalKeyboards to help you decide.

2. Build Quality and Materials

Aluminum frames, PBT keycaps, and steel backplates all contribute to the durability and typing experience. Users on subreddits like r/MechKeyboards and r/CustomKeyboards share builds and dissect the nuances of build quality.

3. Layout and Size

From full-sized keyboards to 60% compacts, layouts are crucial to the user experience. On r/MechanicalKeyboards, you’ll find posts discussing layouts, with comparisons that help you understand which might be best for your desk space and typing habits.

4. Aesthetic and Customization

RGB lighting, custom keycaps, and cases are all hot topics that enhance the look and feel of your keyboard. Subreddit r/MechanicalKeyboards often showcases stunning customizations, showing what’s possible with a little creativity.

5. Budget

Price points vary greatly in the mechanical keyboard market. Whether you’re looking for an economical option under $50 or a high-end custom build that can run upwards of $500, Reddit users are forthcoming about cost efficiency and value for money.

How to Utilize Reddit for Your Research

When you’ve penetrated the depths of r/MechanicalKeyboards, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Search: Use the subreddit’s search function to find posts about the features you care about.
  2. Engage: Ask questions in the daily thread or on relevant posts. Community members are generally eager to help.
  3. Comparison Shop: Use the community’s insights to compare various keyboards discussed on Reddit with the offerings from different manufacturers like Corsair, Filco, or Ducky.
  4. Stay Updated: Follow threads on upcoming group buys or new product launches to snag the latest and greatest.

Real-World Example: Filco Majestouch-2

Imagine you’re eyeing the Filco Majestouch-2, a renowned mechanical keyboard praised for its build quality and no-nonsense design. Start by searching “Filco Majestouch-2” within r/MechanicalKeyboards. You’ll likely encounter user reviews detailing experiences, as well as images and videos showcasing how the keyboard looks and sounds in action. Discussions might touch on the stiffness of its keys, the durability of its material, or how it compares to rivals like the Leopold FC750R.


When harnessed effectively, Reddit serves as a profound resource, transforming the daunting task of choosing a mechanical keyboard into an informed expedition. Its community-driven platform offers authentic input that’s hard to find anywhere else, whether you’re a typing enthusiast, a hardcore gamer, or someone who appreciates the finer details of a well-built piece of hardware. So before you commit to your next mechanical keyboard purchase, consider Reddit your sage counsel on this digital pilgrimage.

By exploring subreddits, engaging with other keyboard enthusiasts, and digging into discussions about specific products like the Filco Majestouch-2, you can make a decision that feels less like a guess and more like a choice backed by a wealth of collective experience.

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