The seller told me now a days whole new stock is coming from china, intially two months back phone was coming MADE IN KOREA. 1.9 years longer life expectancy at birth? Discussion. 75.8 years vs 73.9 years; 1.4 years longer life expectancy at birth for females? It previously had two factories in China but as Samsung’s market share fell below 1% in the country, it had to scale back production. Posted by 2 years ago. Samsung phones: made in China vs made in Korea vs made in Vietnam. Samsung actually shut down its last remaining smartphone factory in China this year. Samsung phones: made in China vs made in Korea vs made in Vietnam. 78.1 years vs 76.7 years; 11 457.00$ higher GDP per capita? Discussion. 80% Upvoted. Is there any quality difference based on the country of origin/manufacture? save hide report. Excatly the same situation I am in , I am based in Saudi Arabia, I went to shop to buy Samsung Galaxy S2, I opened the back cover , remove the battery and saw it is written made in china. 4 comments. Vietnam. As of 2019, the company is not making any phones in the People’s Republic. However, if you're worried you may have a clone, there are a number of ways to determine whether your Samsung Note 3 … 19 520.00$ vs 8063$ Following the war, the Vietnamese leadership took various repressive measures to deal with the problem of real or potential collaboration. Archived. Close. These products are all original. China. Samsung alone accounted for almost a quarter of Vietnam… China and Vietnam each lost thousands of troops, and China lost 3.45 billion yuan in overhead, which delayed completion of their 1979–80 economic plan. Chào mừng bạn đến với Samsung Việt Nam. How does China compare to Vietnam? Cùng khám phá những sản phẩm công nghệ hàng đầu thế giới như Điện thoại di động, Tivi, đồ gia dụng & sản phẩm khác. 9. Samsung has a big manufacturer in Vietnam, and there are many Samsung products, including the Galaxy Note 3, which is made in Vietnam. share. It has helped to make Vietnam the second-biggest exporter of smartphones in the world, after China. China vs Vietnam.

samsung china vs vietnam

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